Managing Your Time

Managing Your Time
Instructor: Todd Dewett
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Time Management
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In this short course, author Todd Dewett, PhD, shares four time-management tips that help everyone from busy executives to new employees get more out of their work day. Learn how to think differently about time management, embrace the 80% rule, find your “Einstein” window, protect that window, and broadcast your availability to ensure others know when you’ll be available.

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Managing Your Time

Using the 80/20 rule

All work is not created equal.  Is it strategic work (20%) or work that just needs to be done (80%).  You should never invest more than half of your time (50%) in the 80% pile.  

Think how you can

  • Automate
  • Outsource
  • Delegate

Finding your Einstein window

Einstein Window
The period of every day that work feels almost fun.  

Protecting your window

You have to do what it takes to give that time integrity by safeguarding it.  You can’t invest your Einstein window to complete 80% work, its reserved time to work on the 20% strategic work.

Leave your workspace as offices are oddly designed to maximize disruptions.  

Turn off distractions

  • Cellphone
  • Email notifications
  • Messaging app

Communicating your availability

Broadcasting your availability. You can use a color coded system using a color square on velcro.

To experience the full benefit of this guide, I highly recommend you watch the full training session.

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