How did it all start?
The concept behind the training guides began from my inability to remember key details from training sessions.  I would spend countless hours trying to find information I had already learnt, but did not organize in a way to be referenced easily.  

I started to document the training sessions by focusing on key topics and concepts identified by the instructors.   I then organized the contents into a training guide that I could easily reference whenever the opportunity should arise.

The training guides capture information about a training course that can be referenced quickly.  It provides an opportunity to select a training topic, dive deeper into the specific subject in order to watch the video session.

Sharing the experience
As I explained this concept to friends and colleagues, they all showed an interest in obtaining this information. At first, this information was collected in a series of documents and shared by email at regular intervals however I quickly discovered a flaw. It was very difficult to search the collection of guides for information or for the best training course since many of the topics overlap with each other. Additionally, friends and colleagues often had to search for updated training guides otherwise they had access to outdated information.

Evolution to
The training guides concept then evolved into a series of blog posts that can be referenced by friends and colleagues whenever they wish online. They would have instant access to the latest and greatest information and could also access the training courses directly from the site. Lastly, they have a unique opportunity to search for all information from a single source as well as use searchable tables to find information quickly and efficiently. was created to share training guides with everyone and to promote continual learning both in your professional and personal life as an opportunity to “better one self”. We believe in the philosophy of “always learning” which makes you a “better person when you learn”.

For the full experience
It is highly recommended that learners view the full training course to obtain the context, examples and resources available rather than just reading the information in the training guide. As such, we have provided links to the training course at the beginning and end of every training guide.