Managing a Customer Contact Center
Customer contact centers face a number of new developments: more channels, higher levels of complexity, and greater strategic value. In this course, Brad Cleveland shows you how to leverage these developments to set up your organization for maximum success
Customer Service: Call Control Strategies
Join customer service trainer Myra Golden as she explains the reasons customer calls get out of hand, and introduces simple strategies to get you back in control
Using Assessments to Hire Customer Service Reps
In this course, customer service expert David Brownlee shows how you can use personality assessments to bolster your confidence that you’re hiring the right people for your customer service roles.
Phone-Based Customer Service
Customer service expert Jeff Toister helps customer service specialists develop the specific skills needed to help customers over the phone.
Working with Upset Customers
Customer service expert Jeff Toister shares specific actions employees can take before and after encounters with upset customers that will reduce the likelihood of problems occurring in the future.
Managing Customer Expectations
Customer service expert Jeff Toister helps frontline employees identify where they can manage the expectations of customers to avoid upsetting them down the line.
Managing a Customer Service Team
Secrets to managing customer service teams are revealed in this course by customer service expert Jeff Toister. Learn what separates great service from poor service, and how to set service team goals.
Customer Service Foundations
In this course, customer service expert Jeff Toister teaches you the three crucial skill sets needed to deliver outstanding customer service and increase customer loyalty.
Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every Customer
In this course, Chris Croft focuses on sharing over two dozen practical ways to inspire yourself and your team to generate ideas for delighting your clientele.
Creating Customer Value
In this course, instructor Noah Fleming walks you through ways to define, create, and evaluate customer value. Noah explains both the way the business defines customer value and the way the customer defines value.
Quality Standards in Customer Service
Quality standards ensure your team provides a consistent level of service—and customers receive a consistent level of care. This pays off in improved loyalty, increased revenue, and better employee engagement
Managing Customer Feedback
This course provides a step-by-step approach to collecting, tracking, and using customer feedback, complete with examples that show what other companies are doing in this important space.
Measuring The Value of Customer Service
Understanding the value of customer service, and being able to measure that value, will empower you to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) for your organization.
Customer Advocacy
Learn why customer advocacy is important, how to develop employees who are customer advocates, and how to use the voice of the customer (VOC) to inform strategies across functions.
Customer Service Leadership
In this practical course, Brad Cleveland covers how to align customer service with your organization's goals, identify and meet customer expectations, cultivate an engaged team, and get the support and resources you need.
CourseInstructorSkills CoveredCourse DetailsRating
Customer Service LeadershipBrad ClevelandCustomer Service Management
Team leadership
Customer AdvocacyBrad ClevelandCustomer Advocacy1h6m
Measuring The Value of Customer ServiceBrad ClevelandROI Strategies
Customer Service Management
Managing Customer FeedbackBrad ClevelandFeedback Management54m
Quality Standards in Customer ServiceBrad ClevelandCustomer Service Management52m
Managing a Customer Contact CenterBrad ClevelandContact Centers1h26m
Creating Customer ValueNoah FlemingCustomer Value Creation32m
Customer Service FoundationsJeff Toister and MadecraftCustomer Service
Customer Support
Phone-Based Customer ServiceJeff ToisterProfessional Phone Skills
Customer Service
Working with Upset CustomersJeff ToisterEscalation Resolution
Customer Service
Managing Customer ExpectationsJeff ToisterExpectations Management
Customer Service
Managing a Customer Service TeamJeff ToisterCustomer Service Management1h
Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every CustomerChris CroftCustomer service2h12m
Customer Service: Call Control StrategiesMyra GoldenCall Control22m
Using Assessments to Hire Customer Service RepsDavid BrownleeCustomer Service Representatives
Hiring Practices