Using Assessments to Hire Customer Service Reps

Using Assessments to Hire Customer Service Reps
Instructor: David Brownlee
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If you’re a hiring manager, there’s probably no worse feeling than realizing you’ve hired the wrong person, especially in a customer service role. Not only have you spent valuable time and money, but you’ve also hired someone who may do a poor job representing your company to the people you want to impress the most, your customers. How do you make sure a candidate with a great resume and great interview is actually a good fit? In this course, customer service expert and certified assessment trainer David Brownlee shows how you can use personality assessments to bolster your confidence that you’re hiring the right people for your customer service roles. David covers two types of personality assessments—DISC and motivation—and shows how they can give you insight into a person’s true behavior and motivations, and how you can use these to find and retain the best customer service performers.

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Various Personality Assessments

Learn the four DISC personality types


  • Dominance
  • Inducement
  • Submission
  • Compliance


  • Extroverted
  • Outgoing and outspoken
  • Task oriented


  • Extroverted
  • Gregarious and influential
  • People oriented


  • Introverted
  • Soft spoken and even keeled
  • People oriented
  • Favors consistency and conflict avoidance


  • Introverted
  • Task oriented
  • Detail oriented
  • Likes rules and procedures

Adaptive Behavior
How we behave when we feel we’re being watched, or how we think we should behave.

The D personality type in DISC

Personality Types/Assessment Rating
Dominance / (High)
Inducement / (Medium)
Submission / (Low)
Compliance / (Low)

High D Personalities

  1. Take big risks
  2. Are self-starters
  3. Want to win
  4. Are competitive and responsible
  5. May miss the details
  6. Are potentially abrasive
  7. Can have a big ego

The I personality type in DISC

Personality Types / Assessment Rating
Dominance / (Medium)
Inducement / (High)
Submission / (Low)
Compliance / (Low)

High I Personalities

  1. Sociable, influential, and outgoing
  2. Extroverted and big picture focused
  3. Can fixate on the vision and lose sight of details

The S personality type in DISC

Personality Types / Assessment Rating
Dominance / (Low)
Inducement / (Medium)
Submission / (High)
Compliance / (Low)

High S Personalities

  1. Prefer control and predictability
  2. Place high value on security
  3. Have a tendency toward loyalty
  4. Are supportive and charitable
  5. Prefer consistency (don’t like change)
  6. Are risk averse
  7. Don’t share emotions openly

The C personality type in DISC

Personality Types / Assessment Rating
Dominance / (Low)
Inducement / (Medium)
Submission / (Low)
Compliance / (High)

High C Personalities

  1. Crave quality control
  2. Love order and neatness
  3. Obsessed with accuracy
  4. Dislike change
  5. Try to predict the future
  6. Prefer to work with numbers
  7. Avoid taking risks
  8. Are task oriented and analytical
Personality Assessment Benchmarking

The best-suited personality types for customer services roles

  1. Friendly and empathetic
  2. Expert conversationalist
  3. Supportive

The best personality types for customer service representatives are Inducement and Submission.

DISC personality types not suited for customer service roles

A DISC personality assessment can indicate which candidates are or aren’t suited for a particular role.

A high D can come off as abrasive or apathetic toward customers.  A high C may also be too analytical and have limited patience for customers.

Motivation Assessments for Customer Service

The motivation assessment

Motivation (Values) Assessment
Takes seven motivators in humans and ranks them in individuals fro the most motivating factors to least motivating.  


  1. Aesthetics – green initiatives
  2. Return on investment (ROI)
  3. Independence
  4. Power
  5. Giving
  6. Rules
  7. Learning

The best motivation types for customer service roles

  1. Giving – naturally compel to serve and to support
  2. Aesthetic – balance/harmony, avoid conflict
    • Finding harmony with customers helps to calm them down in heated situations.

Motivation types not suited for customer service roles

Happy and successful representatives were motivated by giving and what we call aesthetics.

Least Suited for Customer Service Roles

  1. Independence
  2. Return on investment (ROI)

The motivation assessment helps you see which candidates are most likely to have the desire to serve customers.  Improperly placed employees can become unhappy and can increase turnover.

To experience the full benefit of this guide, I highly recommend you watch the full training session.

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