Customer Service: Call Control Strategies

Customer Service: Call Control Strategies
Instructor: Myra Golden
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Customer service calls can sometimes get out of control. Upset and over talkative callers take time and energy away from other customers and tasks. This is where practical call-control strategies come into play. Join customer service trainer Myra Golden as she explains the reasons customer calls get out of hand, and introduces simple strategies to get you back in control. Learn how [to] use a limited response, take control with close-ended questions, assert your way out of a bad conversation, and practice proactive call management so customers feel heard. You’ll leave the course with a variety of actionable tips to turn long, problematic phone calls into polite and efficient interactions.

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Call Control Strategies

Give a limited response on your customer call

The Limited Response technique is a polite way to control conversations by not offering up more detail than needed.  

Using a Limited Response

  1. Answer personal questions swiftly.
  2. Choose not to debate.
  3. Don’t belabor the point.

When you use the limited response technique to control conversations, it’s important that you’re polite and friendly.  Make sure you don’t come across as rushed, irritated, or blunt.

The snatch-and-flip call control strategy

  1. Listen to grasp the problem.
  2. Identify what’s most upsetting.
  3. Snatch that topic and flip it.

Ask closed-ended questions on your customer call

Close-ended questions assert authority.  

Closed-Ended Questions
Questions that have a limited number of answers.

  1. Come up with three closed-ended questions
    • Account number
    • Phone number
    • Ticket number/Rental number/Location Code
  2. Ask them back-to-back

Closed-ended questions limit the customer’s response and move the conversation forward.

Assertively interject on your customer call

Interjecting with a customer who is trying to dominate a conversation is like jumping rope.  Jump in too early, and the customer will feel cut off, get in too late, and the conversation has already gone on too long.  But time it right and in seconds you’re in control of the conversation.

Reframe the conversation with your customer

Reframe a Conversation

  1. Allow the customer to explain the issue.
  2. Say something to recognize their frustration
  3. Move your customer out of storytelling and into resolution.
    • “Let’s take a look at what’s going on”

Politely excuse yourself on your customer call

  • Increase volume
  • Jump right in
  • Make a declaration
    • “I always enjoy talking to you, Kayla.  I have to be on another call in two minutes.  Let’s catch up next week.”

Exiting Body Language

  1. Stand up to signal departure.
  2. Lead your customer to the door.
  3. Continue smiling, but wind down by talking less.
Proactive Conversation Management

When customers feel understood, they talk less

  1. Label their response.
    • It sounds like you’ve had a frustrating time
    • It seems like this has been overwhelming for you.
    • It sounds like you feel you were mistreated.
  2. Don’t interrupt while they vent.
  3. Offer reassurances as they vent.

Provide a comprehensive recap of your customer call

  1. Focus on an assertive resolution.
  2. Give your customer all the details.
  3. Ask if your customer has questions.

How to Sound Assertive

  • Raise your volume slightly
  • Slow your pace
To experience the full benefit of this guide, I highly recommend you watch the full training session.

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